The second LAZARUS trade is out today, and for those of you with an astute eye, you will have noticed something’s… different. You take a look at the above images, and you’ll be able to confirm that fact.

It’s Michael’s and my pleasure to introduce Mr. Owen Freeman to everyone. Owen is taking over as cover artist from Michael, very much at Michael’s behest. We are genuinely delighted to have him aboard. You can see some of his wonderful work in the images above, as well as at the link. You can also read a little about his process for the Vol. 2 TPB cover here.

We figure we’ve got maybe a dozen issues with him, at the most, before one of the Big Two drives a truck full of money up to his house ;) As insurance, we’ve dispatched master of Black Ops erictrautmann to prepare countermeasures.

Covers show here, all art by Owen Freeman:

Lazarus Volume 2 - “Lift” (on sale today!)

Lazarus 12 (September)

Lazarus 13 (October)

We very sincerely hope you enjoy Owen’s beautiful work as much as we do. We will be just as sincerely surprised if you do not.


(via ruckawriter)